Improving Clinical Outcomes

Improving clinical outcomes is at the heart of what we do and is what drives us to continually improve and innovate. 

InHealth Endoscopy has already introduced un-sedated transnasal endoscopy as a first in the UK.  The major teaching hospitals have only now started to offer this service.  The advantages for the patient of using ultra thin endoscopes, especially via the transnasal route, include enhanced patient satisfaction, improved willingness to repeat the procedure if needed for follow up, the ability to talk to the endoscopist during the procedure and the ability to return to normal activities immediately after the test.   There are, of course, significantly reduced risks of hypoxaemia and respiratory depression with any un-sedated procedure.  Facility advantages include overall reduction in costs associated with overheads, labour costs associated with conscious sedation, intravenous fluids and the cost of sedation-related complications.

Bowel Cancer.  We plan to assist those units involved in bowel cancer screening by helping them to provide the screening procedures in the allotted waiting times (especially once surveillance comes around), provide endoscopists suitably trained for bowel cancer screening and enable interested hospitals to achieve a quality level that means they can achieve the status of bowel cancer screening units.

Further diagnostic procedures are an option in the future, perhaps including double balloon enteroscopy to interrogate the small intestine.  Potential small bowel therapeutics could be achieved by this double balloon method.  Various therapeutic options of colonoscopy (larger polypectomies, haemorrhoidal banding, endoscopic mucosal re-sections etc) could be offered within select units as the need arises and as InHealth Endoscopy develops its scope of operation.

Additionally, there are options to explore such as adding surgical consultative services and perhaps therapeutic endoscopy plus minor day surgery to remove the need for repeated, lengthy trips for hospital evaluation for most patients who are generally  healthy.

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