How to use the service

Access to our services has been kept as simple as possible. We are committed to providing high quality endoscopy services to provide you with a quick diagnosis by friendly and caring staff.

All patients need to be referred by their GP to our services and they will provide essential information to us about your symptoms and why the diagnostic endoscopy is needed. They can make the referral either by using the national Choose and Book service or by sending us a referral by secure e-mail or fax.

Please use the Locate a Centre page for specific information about the facility that you choose to attend.

The pre-assessment telephone call

As a patient your first contact with us will be the patient administration team who will call you to complete a telephone pre-assessment appointment.

Endoscopy is a procedure that has risks and patients need to be fully assessed for the type of procedure they can have before an appointment is booked. The pre-assessment checks the appropriateness of the referral and ensures that the patient is safe to be treated in a community setting and that the GP has selected the correct test (based on the history) and that any risk factors have been identified.

During the pre-assessment call you have an opportunity to talk about the test, how to take the preparation and to then choose an appointment that suits you.

Once an appointment has been confirmed you will be sent a pack of information plus any bowel prep if you are having a lower procedure. This has all our information on it and gives you the number to ring if you have further queries or want to change your appointment time.

How long does it take

Please allow approximately 2-3 hours for the appointment. You will have an initial admission consultation with a senior nurse to check that you are ready for the procedure and so you can give your consent. The procedure itself takes between 15-40 minutes depending upon what type of procedure is needed. You will then be recovered and once the nurses are happy that you are safe to be discharged you will be provided with a copy of the clinical report with your diagnosis and you are then free to leave the facility.

Our approach to sedation for patients

Most patients having trans nasal gastroscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy do not have sedation although you can have it if you choose it. If you are having a colonoscopy then we generally provide sedation for this procedure although we try to minimise the use of sedation.  Non-sedation aids your recovery and also can avoid masking any pain that could help in the diagnosis.

If you are having sedation then you must be accompanied and should not drive home afterwards. You should also be accompanied for at least 12 hours after the procedure. We will make sure all of this is explained to you as part of the booking process.

Patient identification

Please note that all patients will be asked to provide personal identification to ensure that the right patient is being treated. This will be explained in the information that we send to you.

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